Swag-Only Requests

If you only need swag to help you hold an event, we have a fast-track policy to help you out. Anyone can request swag for an event, you don’t have to be an Ambassador. If you are new to Fedora events, checkout our Advocate Program.

  1. Please open a Mindshare ticket in the Mindshare Repository. You need to select the swag-only template from the Type drop down. Please complete the fields required.

  2. Monitor your ticket for questions from the Committee.

  3. Voting usually starts quickly. The ticket needs to get 2 +1s and no -1s in three days. When this happens, a committee member will update the ticket with an approved message.

  4. Open a swag-shipment request in the Event Requests repo using the provided template. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping as swag is generally not stored in your country. Most of the delay is to allow time for customs processing in your country, not shipping.

  5. Hold your event!

  6. Write your event report

    Fedora Events are often featured in the Mindshare newsletters and hence the event report holds a significant amount of importance. The report is a general summary of an event which gives the project an idea of what’s going on and reports on successes as well as lessons learned.

    Reporting can be done in many ways. Here’s are a couple of commonly used methods for sharing the event report with the community:

Comment on your issue in the Mindshare repo with a link to your event report.