Fedora Package Maintainers

Fedora Packages are maintained collectively by a community of both Red Hat members and volunteers.

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Packaging Guidelines

The Packaging Committee handles the rules and Packaging Guidelines for writing SPEC files for software in Fedora.

Introduction to packaging

Procedures, Policies and Guides

Resources for Fedora Package Collection contributors

Important Mailing Lists

  • devel-announce is a low traffic, announcements only list where important development information is posted.

  • devel is a high traffic mailing list where discussions about the development of Fedora are held.

  • package-announce is a very high traffic mailing list where notifications are given for all the commits in any package in the Fedora repository. Note that the Fedora package database sends commit mails for packages you (co-)maintain.

  • packaging is the mailing list of the Fedora Packaging Committee, who determine the official packaging guidelines for Fedora projects.

  • bugzilla-announce-list is where announcements about Red Hat Bugzilla are shared.

Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo)

Fedora technical management is organized by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo).