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The Fedora Community Operations Team provides tools, resources, and utilities for different sub-projects of Fedora to improve effective communication.

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Goals & objectives

The following areas are examples of where the Fedora Community Operations Team focuses:

  • Work closely with Fedora Community Architect to prioritize key focus areas

  • Assist Fedora Operations Architect with release preparations

  • Support preparation and execution of Fedora Elections

  • Work with sub-projects and teams to improve on-boarding methods and practices

  • Use metrics and data to improve understanding of Fedora community

    • Support development of metrics tooling

Get in touch with us

The Fedora Community Operations Team uses a Fedora Discussion forum tag and a Fedora Chat/Matrix room to communicate.

The Fedora Discussion forum tag is best for asynchronous communication. This means it is best for questions or topics that someone may respond to later. It is better for longer, threaded discussions.

The Fedora Chat/Matrix room is best for synchronous communication. This means it is best for quick feedback, like in a conversation. It is helpful for real-time discussions or getting someone’s attention.


The Fedora Community Operations Team uses a ticket-based workflow to keep track of our work. The repository with tickets is found on GitLab. Tickets are found under the Issues tab in the sidebar.

Various labels are used to sort and triage GitLab Issues. For good beginner tasks, look at the good first issue tag.


The Fedora Community Operations Team holds meetings every other week to check in on tasks and plan ahead. This translates to two meetings a month. One of the meetings is run via a text chat in a Matrix room. The other meeting is run as an audio/video call. Check Fedora Calendar for the next meeting date and time.

Past text meeting minutes are recorded in Møte.

Meeting format

The upcoming meeting agenda is found on SFC Etherpad. Meetings follow an agenda split into six parts:

  1. Intros, welcomes, hellos: Appx. 5 minutes. Waiting for others to arrive, opportunity to introduce yourself, and ask general questions.

  2. Team announcements & news: Appx. 5-10 minutes. Any Fedora news or updates to share with the wider team.

  3. Initiative Co-leads updates to the team: Appx. 5-10 minutes. Fedora Council updates from the Initiative Co-leads, if there are any.

  4. Follow-ups from last meeting (if any): Appx. 5-10 minutes. Follow up on pending action items from the previous meeting.

  5. Ticket discussions: Use the remaining meeting time. Discussion and follow-up on tickets marked for meetings.

  6. Open floor: Final 5-10 minutes of the meeting. General discussion or comments, or time to discuss anything that had to be revisited during the meeting.

Get involved

The team always welcomes new contributors. Whether you are a newcomer or an old-timer, there are ways to get involved. Join our team to do some or all of the following:

  • Build your portfolio in open source community management

  • Directly see the impact of your contributions over time

  • Gain a holistic view of the Fedora Project and learn how the pieces fit together

  • Work directly with Fedora Project leadership

  • Work with teammates from around the world

  • Aspire to the greatness of a community superhero

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