FIDO device onboarding glossary

Learn more about the FIDO device onboarding terminology.

Table 1. FDO glossary
Term Description


FIDO Device Onboarding.


Any hardware, device, or computer.

Device Credential (DC)

Key credential and rendezvous stored in the device at manufacture.


Keys to configure the manufacturing server

  • key_path

  • cert_path

  • key_type

  • mfg_string_type: device serial number

  • allowed_key_storage_types: Filesystem and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that protects the data used to authenticate the device you are using.


The device manufacturer.

Manufacturer server

Creates the device credentials for the device.

Manufacturer client

Informs the location of the manufacturing server.


The final owner of the device - a company or an IT department.

Ownership Voucher (OV)

Record of ownership of an individual device.

Contains the following information:

  • Owner (fdo-owner-onboarding-service)

  • Rendezvous Server - FIDO server (fdo-rendezvous-server)

  • Device (at least one combination) (fdo-manufacturing-service)

Rendezvous server

Link to a server used by the device and later on, used on the process to find out who is the owner of the device

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