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IBus 1.5.18

  • IBus core package has provided an emoji dialog which can be launched with Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut key [1] and the emoji dialog now accepts Unicode names besides emoji annotations. E.g. “a with grave” shows À (I.E. U+00C0). [2]

  • When you open “Open Unicode choice” on the emoji category list of the emoji dialog, The Unicode name list is open.

  • In the previous releases, the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+E was not available in GNOME desktop environment but the shortcut key is now available in any desktop environmets. However to enable the shortcut key in GNOME, you have to add one more IBus input method sources besides XKB sources with gnome-control-center region utility. E.g. If you have “English (US)” and “French”, you also need to add “English (English – US (Typing Booster))” or “Other (rawcode)” or “Chinese (Intelligent Pinyin)” or else so that you apply IBus engines to “English (US)” and “French” XKB sources.

  • PageUp, PageDown, Ctrl+Shift+N, Ctrl+Shift+P keys are now available to shift pages on the Unicode name list.

fontconfig 2.13

The fontconfig package is updated to the version 2.13 which contains the following features and bug fixes:

  • config file description support

  • allow sharing caches under the bind-mounted dirs

  • improve footprint on creating caches

  • variable fonts support

Glibc collation update and sync with CLDR

The collation data in glibc is extremely out of date, most locales base their collation rules on an iso14651_t1_common file which has not been updated for probably more than 15 years. Therefore, all characters added in later Unicode versions are missing and not sorted at all which causes bugs like [Bug 1336308 - Infinite (∞) and empty set (∅) are treated as if they were the same character by sort and uniq]. This change is about updating that iso146541_t1_common file to the latest available version from ISO which is from 2016 and up-to-date with Unicode 9.0.0. Because additions and changes in the syntax of the new iso146541_t1_common file, updating that file requires changing the collation rules of almost all locales. Because all these collation rules have to be touched anyway, this is a good opportunity to fix bugs in the collation ruies and sync them with the collation rules in CLDR.

1. The shortcut key can be customized with ibus-setup utility
2. To insert the space, Shift+Space key is avaiable.