Inactive provenpackagers

The provenpackagers group grants members write privileges across all Fedora packages. Thus, we want to make sure the privilege doesn’t linger on inactive accounts. In early 2021, FESCo adopted a policy for maintaining provenpackager status.

The Fedora Program Manager is charged with performing an audit of these accounts. This should take place at about the branch point of each development cycle.

The script will check for provenpackagers that have not submitted a Koji build in the last six months. It produces a list of accounts that fail this test, as well as accounts that do not exist in Koji.

After running this script, send the output to the named accounts as well as devel-announce. You will get some replies from people who would like to retain the status. By policy, all they have to do is ask to keep it and they may.

After two weeks, submit an infrastructure ticket to remove provenpackager status from anyone who did not request keeping the group membership. You do not need to submit it to FESCo for a vote.

Some packagers may choose to submit a build without telling you. Before you submit the removal request, you probably want to re-run the inactive_provenpackagers script to see if anyone dropped off the list.