Fedora i3 S.I.G Meetings

Nasir Hussain, Fedora i3 SIG

The Fedora i3 SIG (Special Interest Group) team meets every 2 weeks in Fedora i3 SIG’s Communication Channels at 16:00 UTC on Tuesdays. The calendar for future meetings is available here. Meetings logs are available at Meetbot. As part of the Fedora Project, the i3 SIG uses zodbot with the supybot-meetbot. Commands for both, zodbot and meetbot works on our meetings.

Steps to run the meeting

  • Ping i3-sig Members on the channel by sending .members i3-sig on the IRC channel before the meeting.

  • Type #startmeeting Fedora i3 (YYYY-MM-DD)

  • #meetingname i3

  • #topic roll call

Wait for 2-4 minutes for people to check in for the roll call.

  • #chair all the people present for the meeting

  • #topic Action items from last meeting

Find the last meeting log from meetbot and post the action items in the meeting for people to update the status of.

  • After they are done, fetch the agenda sent on the mailing list

Do the following for each topic:

  • #topic Topic Subject

  • #link link (If any are provided on the Mailing list thread)

During the meeting, you can five people action items for them to complete:

  • #action <nickname> description of what needs to be done

When all topics are over, go for open floor:

  • #topic Open Floor

After open floor, end the meeting.

  • #endmeeting

Then, when convenient:

  • Send an emails to i3wm@lists.fedoraproject.org with the details of the meeting from meetbot page. Minutes in textual format are directly available using .txt as URL extension. It’s easiest to get the Minutes/Minutes (text)/Log URLs by copying the footer that Meetbot prints after #endmeeting. You can see examples in the archives; The usual format follows:

Subject: Fedora i3 SIG Meeting Minutes year-mm-dd


Minutes: <URL to meetbot .html>
Minutes (text): <URL to meetbot .txt>
Log: <URL to meetbot .log.html>

<Copy/paste content of meetbot .txt>

Thank you for running the meeting.