Elections Guide

Fedora Elections are run using the Elections App and Range Voting.

Voting Eligibility

Eligible voters are determined by their Fedora Account System (FAS) membership.

  • To vote for the Fedora Council you must have cla_done in FAS.

  • To vote for FESCo you must have cla_done + one other "non-cla" group in FAS.

  • To vote for Mindshare you must have a cla_done in FAS.

  • To vote for EPEL Steering Committee you must have cla_done + one other "non-cla" group in FAS.

How to Vote

Visit the Elections App and select the election box you would like to vote in. You may vote in all of the elections if you wish, but you may only vote in each election box once, i.e. you may vote in Council, FESCo and EPEL but you may only vote in each group once and not multiple times. Click on the ‘vote now’ button on the elections box page and select the range you wish to place against each candidate running. It is advisable to allocate a number to each candidate based on your preference.

You will be asked to preview your score, and once you are happy, press the ‘Submit your vote’ button. Then you are done, and don’t forget to claim your ‘I Voted!’ Fedora badge too!

Information on Range Voting

Fedora Project has implemented Range Voting for our elections, in particular the "Range (score-summing, blanks treated as zero score, no quorum rule)" range voting system.

To cast your vote in this election simply select a value between 0 and 3 with 0 as 'least or no preference' and 3 as 'highest preference'.

At the end of the election, the highest ranking candidate(s) are marked as the winners.

For more information about Range Voting, visit the Center for Range Voting.