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Disk Encryption User Guide

What is block device encryption? Block device encryption encrypts/decrypts the data transparently as it is written/read from block devices, the underlying block device sees only encrypted data. To mount encrypted… Read more

Finding and installing Linux applications

If you are looking for software to run on Fedora Linux, you will discover Fedora-packaged software, EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) and Flatpak apps. Here is an overview of… Read more

Getting started with Fedora

The Fedora Project is a community of people working together to build a free and open source software platform and to collaborate on and share user-focused solutions built on that… Read more

Fedora Linux Kernel Overview

Update Schedule The Fedora Linux kernel closely follows the upstream kernel releases. To see the current versions in Fedora, check out the packages application. Stable Releases Stable releases of Fedora… Read more

How to Publish your Software on Copr, Fedora’s User Repository

This is a short tutorial on how to create and maintain a Copr repository for your software in an automated fashion. It assumes some basic familiarity with Git & how… Read more

Switching desktop environments

Different Fedora Linux variants (Spins/Labs) have different default environments. For example, the Fedora workstation uses GNOME as its default desktop environment, while the KDE spin will use KDE. Irrespective of… Read more