Changes (Dropping) SOP

This document describes the process of dropping Changes.


This process is triggered by FESCo or the owner deciding to drop a change. Often, this is the result of a Change having significant issues, or a maintainer losing interest. For the Change to be revived it must go through the full process again, starting by being updated and moved back to ChangeReadyForWrangler.


  1. Reply to the mailing list thread, only if the proposal has not yet been submitted to FESCo.

  2. Close the FESCo ticket, if one has been opened and is still open.

  3. Update the Change’s wiki page. Clear the "Targeted Release". Change the category to "ChangePageIncomplete". Add a header at the top: {{admon/important|Change dropped|This Change is dropped. It can be re-proposed if interest in it revives.}} It is a good idea to also include an appropriate reference - a link to a FESCo ticket or meeting log, or a message from the Change owner.

  4. Update the tracking bug, if it exists. Clear the Blocks field. Reset the version to "rawhide". Close the bug as DEFERRED.

  5. Close the Release Notes issue, if it exists.

  6. Re-run the Change processing scripts for the old and new target release. See the instructions.