Changes (Announcing) SoP

This document describes the process of announcing Changes.


This process is constant.


Proposals are sent to the development community for public comment.

  1. Verify that the proposal is complete and correct

    1. You can choose to announce proposals that are missing some required fields (e.g. Releng ticket), on the condition that those are complete before it is sent to FESCo

    2. Ensure the page has the {{Change_Proposal_Banner}} macro at the top

    3. Put the Owner and Email fields are one line instead of multiple. This will make the BZ creation easier later.

  2. Compose an email as follows.

    1. Set the to: field to

    2. Set the cc: field to

    3. Set the subject to F<NN> proposal: <title> (<System-Wide|Self-Contained> Change proposal). This is to make it clear to external readers that this is a proposal and not a final decision.

    4. In the body of the email, add the URL to the wiki page

    5. Copy the "this is a propsal" content from the wiki page into the body. Again, this is so that it’s unambigiously clear.

    6. Copy the wiki source into the body, removing comments and performing other readability cleanup as you deem necessary.

  3. Send the email

  4. Update the wiki page

    1. Replace the ChangeReadyForWrangler category with ChangeAnnounced

    2. Add a link to the devel thread in the Current status section

  5. Add an entry to the Changes table for the release in Friday’s Fedora Facts

Once you have sent the email, you do not need to further participate in the discussion. However, you should at least monitor the tone in case it gets heated.

You can use the script to list proposals that are awaiting announcement. This is particularly helpful if you set it up in a cron job or systemd timer.