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Using Bugzilla

Fedora uses Red Hat Bugzilla for bug tracking. This page and the other pages under the "Bugs" header on the left offer some tips and guidance. Permissions Any user, including… Read more

Managing Bugzilla email notifications

Bugzilla allows you to set granular email notification preferences. Email preferences To set your email preferences, go to the Email Preferences tab of your user preferences. You will see a… Read more

Bugzilla – Finding the Correct Component

When filing a bug, it helps if you can identify the component at fault. This is not always obvious, so here are some tips. Which program is it? If you… Read more

Finding duplicates in Bugzilla

Fedora developers want to hear about specific and reproducible bugs that happen when you use Fedora Linux, but it does not help to have the same bug reported many times.… Read more

Providing a Stack Trace

A stack trace is one of the most important pieces of information you can provide to help others debug an application crash. This page details the importance of stack traces… Read more

Bugzilla queries

Bugzilla lets you search for bug reports that match specified conditions. This page covers common options. The Red Hat Bugzilla User Guide has more information. Simple queries The simple Bugzilla… Read more

Reporting Bugzilla spam

Like any website that allows user contribution, Red Hat Bugzilla sometimes gets spam comments. There are two ways to report spam. Tag comment The preferred way is to tag the… Read more