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System Utilities

Sphinx was updated to version 2 and dropped support for Python 2

The python-sphinx package has been updated to version 2.x in Fedora 31.

Also the following Python 2 (sub)packages providing support to Sphinx have been removed:

  • python2-sphinx

  • python2-catkin-sphinx

  • python2-numpydoc

  • python2-snowballstemmer

  • python2-sphinx-intl

  • python2-sphinx-theme-alabaster

  • python2-sphinx_rtd_theme

  • python2-sphinxcontrib-httpdomain

  • python2-sphinxcontrib-websupport

  • sphinx-webtools

  • trac-sphinx-plugin

Users who need to run Sphinx on Python 2 have to use Python virtual environment and the pip package manager. For more information, see this Fedora Developer page.

RPM 4.15

Fedora 31 provides the RPM version 4.15, up from version 4.14 in Fedora 30. Notable changes include:

New features

  • The %patchlist and %sourcelist sections were added to the RPM spec file.

  • Faster builds due to increased parallelism.

  • Dynamic build dependency generator.

  • Improved detection of ARM CPU architectures.

  • ARMv8 architecture support was added.

  • Support for %elif, %elifos and %elifarch statements was added.

  • New %dnl macro for commenting.

This release also contains numerous bug fixes and improvements. For full information, see the upstream release notes.

YUM version 3 has been removed

As of this release, the YUM 3 package management stack has been removed, including the following packages:

  • createrepo

  • yum

  • yum-langpacks

  • yum-utils

  • yum-metadata-parser

  • yum-updatesd

The purpose of this change is to minimize the disruption to users as the YUM 3 user experience transitions to use the more advanced DNF technology. We encourage anyone to open a Bugzilla ticket to inform us of any critical user experience or plugin problems that were missed.

We expect no impact on users as the package management functionality is already provided by DNF.

The DNF package manager provides equivalent packages createrepo_c and dnf-utils to obsolete createrepo and yum-utils.

Important executable files such /usr/bin/yum, /usr/bin/repoquery or /usr/bin/createrepo will be provided either as new executable files or symbolic links to the respective DNF-based counterparts.

The yum package is still available in due repositories as a small CLI wrapper, in case users prefer the original /usr/bin/yum binary.

The Docker package has been removed

Fedora 31 does not provide the docker package. See Containers for details.

Gawk 5.0.1

The gawk package has been updated to version 5.0.1, which is the latest upstream major release. Apart from fixing a number of bugs, the new version provides the following notable changes:

  • The regex routines have been replaced with those from GNULIB

  • Comment handling in the pretty-printer has been reworked almost completely from scratch. As a result, comments in many corner cases that were previously lost are now included in the formatted output.

  • Namespaces have been added.

  • Gawk now uses the locale settings for ignoring case in single byte locales, instead of hardwiring in Latin-1.

For more information about this release, see the upstream NEWS document. For information about the newly introduced namespaces, see the manual.