Infra & Releng Initiative Handover Template


The following is a Questionnaire to be filled out when an initiative is being handed over to the Infra & releng team. Some questions may be simple answers or not applicable. The answers for these questions should then form the basis an SOP.

A Pull Request for this SOP should then be raised against for Fedora Infrastructure and Release Engineering or for CentOS infrastructure.

A code walkthrough may be necessary as part of the handover to the I&R team member to help with understanding.

It may not be the case that every question matches to every initiative but please answer the questions as applicable and discuss any others with the Infra & Releng point of contact.


Infra & Releng Point of Contact:

Name of the I&R team member who will take the handover

Initiative subject matter expert:

Name of the initiative lead and any others on the team who would be confident in debugging issues in the application, this person will likely remain the POC for difficult to resolve issues

Outline the project. What does it do:

A brief description of what the project does

Tech details:

_What language is the project written in, does it have a

Steps to reboot the service:

This may be as simple as reloading the package but should be recorded

Location of logs:

Where are the logs stored

Where are the docs:

Link to documentation of the project

What are the first steps to take when debugging:

Where should we look first? Httpd logs, journal logs etc..

Is there any ephemeral data:

If the service was to suddenly go offline would there be anything lost or unrecoverable

Is there any persistent data:

Is there any data such as a db we should know about? Is there a model of it? How do we search it and what information may be useful

Is there data that needs to be backed up:

Location of any data that may need to be backed up

Upgrade process:

What is the process to upgrade the application? Include any steps related to cutting a new release. This could be a link to documentation.

Any related applications:

Does it link to any other application e.g. fedora-messaging if yes where and how.

How is it deployed:

Is this in openshift, does it use s2i, RPMs, built from git?, or on a server. how is it installed: RPM, git checkout?, what are the required packages etc.. There may be some crossover with the upgrade section here.

Does this have any special requirements:

Does this require a specific hardware? e.g. needs to be x86 or aarch64. Does it require X amount of space? Does it need to be bare metal?

What access requirements or permissions are needed:

Does this need openshift access, what groups can access the server etc..

Are there any security requirements:

Does this require tight access or certain network rules or Security audit etc..

Where are bug reports to go?

What tracker should we use to report bugs for this project?

Are there any GDPR related concerns?

Does this contain any Personally identifiable information? If yes, where is it stored and how is it used?

Mechanisms to deal with PII?

How do we deal with GDPR requests for a user? Does it have a SAR script following the agreed upon API? Has the SAR script been integrated into the ansible playbook?


Are there tests that Nagios could alert on? Are there metrics that should be graphed with collectd/rrdtool? Are there metrics that should be alerted on?

Any other considerations:

This is a catch all for anything that is particular to just one initiative. If there is something in this section that may occur in other initiatives it should be added as a new question.