Collectd SOP

Collectd ( ) is a client/server setup that gathers system information from clients and allows the server to display that information over various time periods.

Our server instance runs on and most other servers run clients that connect to the server and provide it with data.

Contact Information


Fedora Infrastructure Team





log01 and all/most other servers as clients


provide load and system information on servers.


The collectd roles configure collectd on the various machines:

collectd/base - This is the base client role for most servers.
collectd/server - This is the server for use on log01.
collectd/other - There's various other subroles for different types of clients.

Web interface

The server web interface is available at:


collectd runs as a normal systemd or sysvinit service, so you can: systemctl restart collectd or service collectd restart to restart it.

Removing old hosts

Collectd keeps information around until it’s deleted, so you may need to sometime go remove data from a host or hosts thats no longer used. To do this:

  1. Login to log01

  2. cd /var/lib/collectd/rrd

  3. sudo rm -rf oldhostname

Bug reporting

Collectd is in Fedora/EPEL and we use their packages, so report bugs to