Fedora 运营架构师

Fedora 运营架构师 (FOA) 由 Red Hat 全职聘用,协助社区管理技术变更。 这包括变更管理、进度管理、沟通以及关键战略工作的所有权。 运营架构师还是 Fedora 理事会的成员。 该职位于 2023 年设立。

现任 Fedora 运营架构师


Aoife Moloney 是现任 FOA。 她在爱尔兰的沃特福德,自 2018 年加入红帽 社区平台工程团队以来,一直在使用 Fedora Linux。 在那里,她担任项目经理、产品负责人和普通的 "牧猫人"。

您可以在 chat.fedoraproject.org 上以 @amoloney:fedora.im 找到 Aoife,她很乐意谈论任何事情。


Fedora 运营架构师主要负责协调项目中的技术变革。 他们与 Fedora 项目的多个小组密切合作,并在每个小组中承担一系列职责。


  • Shepherd Change proposals through the Changes process

    • Work with Change Owners to present their Changes to the community

    • 为已接受的变更创建跟踪问题

    • 跟踪开发/测试周期内的变更状态


Work with the Fedora Council

  • Serve as a member of the Fedora Council

  • Act as Fedora Council secretary

    • Prepare Council meeting agendas

    • Periodically review backlog of Fedora Council tickets

    • Chair meetings

    • Invite community stakeholders to present periodically in video meeting updates

  • Support the advancement of strategic Community Initiatives

  • Act as a Council stakeholder to teams within the project

  • Represent community interests around the schedule and change management to the Council

To the Fedora community

  • Elections

    • Running elections for Fedora Council, Mindshare and FESCo

    • Support elected teams with documentation and permissions changes (if needed) after an election ends

    • Ad hoc election support for other teams when needed

  • Reports

    • Provide the community with regular reports on the activities of the project

  • Participate in various community teams, eg Community Operations

  • Events

    • Assist the Community Architect in coordinating Fedora flagship events (e.g. Flock/Nest, Release Parties)

    • Take part in (and sometimes host!) all fun community events!


This is a new role for Fedora, as of October 2023.

What about Fedora Program Manager (FPgM)?

In 2007, Red Hat began providing Fedora with assistance through a funded role in the company’s Program Management organization. In 2023, structural changes at the company eliminated this position. The Fedora Operations Architect is a new role situated in Linux Engineering at Red Hat, designed to be more closely aligned in both definition and practice with Fedora’s unique needs.

Former Fedora Program Managers