ELN Special Interest Group

ELN SIG is a Fedora Special Interest Group which is responsible for the ELN project and its infrastructure.

The official SIG membership list is maintained as part of our Github Organization and can be viewed here.


  • Own the scope and configuration of the eln disttag and buildroot (see ELN Buildroot).

    • As the project evolves the scope might change. There might be additional features which will be included into the tag or excluded from it.

  • Define ELN content set

  • Own the configuration of the compose (see ELN Compose).

  • Maintain infrastructure required to build packages and composes.

  • Track the status of package builds and composes. Work with Fedora package maintainers to resolve the issues.

  • Keep track of the eln-conditionals in RPM spec files.

  • Investigate compose failures

  • Own buildroot configuration



Meetings of the ELN Special Interest Group are held on Fridays at noon, US Eastern Time. It is listed on the SIGs calendar.

The meeting agenda will generally be prepared in advance by opening tickets on the issue tracker and tagging them with the meeting label.

How to Join

Anyone may join the SIG by asking to become a member. If no existing SIG member opposes that request within a week, they’re in. If an existing SIG member opposes, we will hold a regular vote at the next scheduled meeting as described above.

Prospective members may ask to join by filing a "New Member Request" ticket on the issue tracker.