Fedora Release Engineering Miscellaneous Guide


The Fedora Release Engineering team is responsible for ensuring the timely and successful release of Fedora Linux distributions. While many of the team’s tasks are well-defined and documented, there are also miscellaneous tasks that arise from time to time that may not fit neatly into established release processes.

This guide serves as a reference for those miscellaneous tasks. While these tasks may vary in nature and frequency, they are all important for the smooth functioning of the Fedora release process. By documenting these tasks and their associated procedures, this guide aims to provide transparency into the workings of the Fedora Release Engineering team and facilitate knowledge-sharing among team members.

Whether you’re a member of the Fedora Release Engineering team, a contributor to Fedora, or simply interested in the release process, we hope you find this guide informative and useful.


This concludes the Fedora Release Engineering Miscellaneous Guide.