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Desarrollo Web

Django 3.0

El paquete python-django ha sido actualizado a la versión 3.0 en Fedora 32. Los cambios notables en esta versión incluyen:

  • Soporte ASGI.

  • Soporte oficial MariaDB.

  • Restricciones de exclusión en PostgreSQL.

  • Enumerations for model field choices.

  • Various new minor features.

  • Several deprecations and removals.

See the upstream release notes for full information about this release.

PHP 7.4

Fedora 32 provides the latest version 7.4 of the PHP stack. This new version provides a large set of new features, new functions, classes, and interfaces, performance improvements, as well as some removals, deprecations, and backward incompatible changes. Those using the PHP stack on Fedora should therefore read through the upstream Upgrade Notes. Internals Upgrade Notes are also available upstream.