Fedora is applying to be a GSoC mentoring organization.

If you are a student looking forward to participating in Google Summer of Code with Fedora, please feel free to browse this idea list. There may be additional ideas added during the application period.

Now please go read the What Can I do Today section of the main page. This has the answers to your questions and tells you how to apply

No dude en contactar con los mentores o colaboradores listados en esta página para cualquier pregunta o aclaración. Puede encontrar personas útiles en el canal IRC o usar la lista de correo. Puede ser usada para obtener ayuda con problemas de programación.

Mentores de Apoyo

Los siguientes colaboradores están disponibles para proporcionar ayuda y apoyo general para el programa GSoC si un mentor específico está ocupado, puede encontrar uno entre la gente de abajo para una ayuda a corto plazo con su proyecto o tareas, . (Añadanse a ustedes y su página wiki).

  • Sumantro Mukherjee (General development, general Linux,Fedora community, GSoC alumnus, questions about program, misc. advice)

  • Vipul Siddharth (Fedora CI,GCI,GSoC,linux general, comunidad Fedora, misc.)

Lista de ideas

Las ideas están sujetas a cambios a medido que se incorporan mentores adicionales.

Fedora QA Dashboard


Fedora QA dashboard is an idea of a web application that would be the landing page for QA related activities. The current state, as we see it, is that we have tons of helpful documents, tools, and processes, but these are scattered, or sometimes hard to reach/understand without some preliminary knowledge. We identified this as the major obstacle in bootstrapping new members of the community. Goal for this project is making the learning curve less steep. We have basic PoC, that could serve as a base to build from, or an inspiration for a rework.


As a GSoC intern, you will be responsible for the following :

  • Code of single-page application in javascript

  • Buildable dockerfile, so the app can be deployed in our openshift cluster

  • Share monthly reports to the community blog and QA meetings

KiwiTCMS integration with Fedora QA workflow

  • Difficulty : Intermediate

  • Technology : Python, Container basics, JSON-RPC API

  • Mentor : Alex Todorov (Kiwi TCMS project lead),Sumantro Mukherjee (QA team)

  • Email : atodorov@otb.bg, sumukher@redhat.com


Kiwi TCMS has been in talks for Fedora QA since sometime. Last year, Fedora team members made a POC run to a KiwiTCMS instance for sometime. However, the whole idea was to run it and test the viability of Kiwi TCMS becoming a default TCMS for Fedora. As a initial part of the POC efforts, QA identified a few missing pieces which become obstruction to having Kiwi TCMS as our go to TCMS.

  • Develop and integrate plugin for FAS/AAA AKA noggin for Authentication

  • Integrate bugzilla with the workflow

  • Add functionality for submission of anonymous result submission


As a GSoC intern, you will be responsible for the following :

  • Finishing the Authentication plugin

  • Build, test and deploy the TCMS and update as community reviews

  • Share monthly reports to the community blog and QA meetings