Ambassador Mentor

# Ambassador Mentorship Process

The Process for Mentorship

  • Candidates approach with interest

  • Write to Ambassador Mailing List

  • Discourse thread

  • Ambassador Rep to Mindshare works with interested folks and schedules a call for 2-3 weeks out.

  • The purpose of the call:

  • candidates ask general questions

  • interacts with a mentor on call

  • clarify doubts during application process

  • review funding eligibility documentation (mindshare - under development)

  • Candidates move ahead :

  • Apply by opening ticket on Ambassador repo (can be public or private). Viewable by FaMa & Ambassador Mentors.

  • Tickets need to include this information:

  • FAS

  • User WIKI Page

  • Preferred email address

  • Answers to the Ambassador questionnaire

Application Process

  • The application process is async and self paced. An applicant can makes a copy of [] or copy the question from a docs.fp.o.[TO BE PUT IN SEPARATE PAGE]

  • Once the answers are finalized and a ticket is opened.

  • An applicant will have to wait for evaluation

  • There is a two week follow up period wherein Ambassador mentors or FaMa can ask any questions and for further details.

  • Mentor can choose to have a 1x1 interview or a IRC chat or simply feel satisfied enough by reading answers and few questions.