Package groups

Fedora i3 SIG

A founding goal for the Fedora i3 SIG is to create an official Package Group that is a base installation for an i3 workstation. Ideas for packages are below.

i3 (minimal)

These are packages that will be installed by sudo dnf install @i3. It will include a minimal number of packages to provide a common "base" for an i3 workstation.

Core packages

These packages are required to get i3 working minimally.

  • i3

  • i3lock

  • i3status

  • dmenu

  • dunst (notifications)

  • lightdm (display manager)

  • Group: @base-x

  • urxvt (virtual terminal)


  • nmcli

  • network-manager-applet

  • firefox (web browser)


  • pactl

  • pauvcontrol

  • volumeicon

Power management



  • xbrightlight (laptop backlight control)

  • htop (monitoring system)

  • azote (wallpaper management)

  • mousepad (text editor)

  • thunar (file browsing)


This package group provides a set of extended utilities, applications, or other useful tools. Some i3 users may prefer or expect these tools in an installation, but they are not required to use i3. This package group can improve the user experience of using i3.


  • rofi

  • morc

Power management

  • powertop


  • arandr

  • conky

  • i3status-rs

  • font-awesome

  • alacritty

  • tmux

  • xarchiver

  • qutebrowser

  • st (need to choose between alacritty and st)

  • py3status

  • nitrogen

  • lxappearance (GUI theming app)