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LLVM 10.0.0

Fedora 32 comes with LLVM 10. Please note that the soname version for LLVM libraries has been changed. Maintainers of packages that depend on clang-libs or llvm-libs will need to update their spec files to depend on the clang9.0 and llvm9.0 compatibility packages if they want to rebuild their package and it does not work with LLVM 10 yet. Compatibility packages clang9.0 and llvm9.0 was added to this release. Spec file changes are only needed if the package is going to be rebuilt after LLVM 10 and Fedora update.


The full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes that comes with LLVM 10 can be found in the upstream release notes.

All LLVM sub-projects in Fedora 32 was also updated to version 10

As well as

  • compiler-rt

  • libomp

  • llvm-test-suite

  • libcxxabi (libc++abi)

  • python-lit