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Fedora 28 Boost 1.66 upgrade

Boost has been upgraded to version 1.66. Apart from a number of bugfixes and improvements to existing libraries, this brings several new libraries compared to Fedora 27: Boost.PolyCollection, Boost.Stacktrace, Boost.Beast, Boost.CallableTraits, Boost.Mp11.

One library has been removed, Boost.TR1, and a number of deprecated APIs in Boost.Asio have been removed. Code using Boost.TR1 should be modified to use the equivalent features provided by other Boost libraries (e.g. Boost.Tuple, Boost.Unordered) or in the C++ standard library (e.g. std::tuple, std::unordered_map). Code using the deprecated Asio APIs should be modified by removing the io_service arguments.

You can find full lists of changes compared to Fedora 27 in upstream release notes: