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Mono has been updated to 6.6

The Mono development platform has been updated from version 5.20 to 6.6.

For more information about Mono 6.6, see the upstream release notes.

.NET Core 3.1

.NET Core is now available in Fedora.

The current version of .NET Core is 3.1, which is the latest Long Term Support (LTS) release. See the upstream annoucement for all the new features and user visible changes in this release of .NET Core.

New packages

  • .NET Core Runtimes:

    • dotnet-runtime-3.1 provides the .NET Core Runtime

    • aspnetcore-runtime-3.1 provides the ASP.NET Core Runtime

  • .NET Core SDK:

    • dotnet-sdk-3.1 provides the .NET Core SDK