Contributing to Fedora Silverblue

Help us improve Fedora Silverblue by contributing to the project!

Developing Fedora Silverblue

If you are a developer, you can contribute to one of the several projects which make Fedora Silverblue possible. Submit your pull requests to:

Your contributions towards the main Fedora project are also very welcome.

Writing Documentation

Creating or modifying documentation is easy. Head over to our documentation GitHub repository, fork it and create a pull request.

If you are not comfortable with using git, create a new topic in our community or log an issue describing what need to be changed.

Writing Conventions

When creating documentation, please follow these writing conventions:

  • Code blocks for commands that require root privileges must show the # prompt symbol. Example:

    # dnf install <package>

    The $ user prompt symbol can also be used but you must prefix the command with sudo. Example:

    $ sudo dnf install <package>

Reporting Issues

You can report bugs and suggest features or improvements on the issue tracker.

Creating Flatpaks

Your favourite application is not in the default repository and won’t probably be added? You can do it yourself! Go through our tutorial for creating flatpaks from rpm packages:

To become an official packager you need to go through several steps to gain all required permissions to use the Fedora infrastructure (Pagure, Koji, Bodhi). There is a detailed page about becoming a packager.

Other useful links: