Checklist for editors

Editors should follow this checklist to help articles meet standards before being published.


  • Ensure the author’s first and last name appears in the preview. If not, follow the instructions here.

  • After the introductory paragraph, include the --- Read More --- element. This causes RSS readers to visit the site to view the article.

  • Remove any monospace text mixed into paragraphs, such as <tt> elements. Either convert these to italics, or move them into Preformatted blocks in WordPress, fixing surrounding text as necessary.


  • Check the article for adherence to the guidelines for writers. This may take a while, so leave yourself sufficient time for this step.

  • Set all article and section titles to sentence case.


  • Eliminate use of I, we, us, and our in the article, rewriting where necessary. Articles should not refer to the author if avoidable.

SEO and metadata

  • Set an appropriate focus keyword.

  • Address any article shortcomings that affect readability. (It may not be possible to turn the readability score to "green" in all cases.)

  • Categorize the article. The default "Fedora Project community" category should rarely be used.

  • Add tags for article subject matter. Use as many as possible. As you type a new tag, observe the popup help. Try to choose relevant tags, and avoid creating new ones with trivial differences.

  • Add an Excerpt in the document details in WordPress. This shows up in the RSS feed shown in start page in Fedora’s web browser defaults.


  • Schedule the article to publish at 08:00 UTC (the Magazine default timezone) on the selected day, unless decided otherwise.