Fedora ELN compose


The Fedora ELN compose is built using the ODCS (On Demand Compose Service). There are two ODCS instances (production and staging) and therefore two places with the latest ELN composes:

Fedora ELN compose Environment Link

Latest periodic



Latest manually generated



Latest manually generated



Periodic compose is generated every hour. The latest production compose is also mirrored at http://mirror.facebook.net/fedora-eln/production/latest-Fedora-ELN/

Compose configuration files

The main Fedora ELN compose configuration file is stored in the official https://pagure.io/pungi-fedora/ repository in the eln branch.

The Fedora ELN compose uses the Rawhide comps file stored in the https://pagure.io/fedora-comps repository and also the Rawhide module-defaults stored in the https://pagure.io/releng/fedora-module-defaults/ repository.

Generating the Fedora ELN compose

Members of the eln-sig FAS group (and eln-sig FAS staging group) can generate Fedora ELN compose using the odcs command line client.

The ODCS command client is availabe in the odcs-client package:

$ sudo dnf install odcs-client

The Fedora ELN compose can then be generated by the following command on ODCS staging:

$ odcs --staging create-raw-config eln eln

Or on production ODCS:

$ odcs create-raw-config eln eln

Once the compose is generated, the JSON response is printed and the most important attribute is the toplevel_url which points to the directory with generated compose.

When using ODCS version ≤ 0.2.39, the older syntax needs to be used to generate Fedora ELN compose:

odcs --staging create raw_config eln#eln

When using ODCS version ≥ 0.2.46, it is possible to watch the real-time compose logs:

$ odcs --watch create-raw-config eln eln