Fedora Localization Team

Fedora Localization Team Last review: 2023-08-27

The goal of the Fedora Localization Team (L10N) is to bring everything around Fedora (software, documentation, websites, and the culture) closer to local communities (countries, languages and in general cultural groups).

Usually, this involves doing translations via PO files but is certainly not limited to that. Beside the focus on translating, a part of the Fedora L10N Team’s responsibilites is to develop and maintain neccessary tools and related processes which facilitate flows of a localization content between projects and translators; thus, projects can concentrate on development, while translators purely on translation.

Where to find Fedora L10N team

Questions or problems associated with localization can be filed as an issue in our tracking repo, as well.

Next reading

Translators, particularly those new-coming, can continue with reading information about a membership of this team and a short guide to our online translation platform.

Some insights into our localization tooling used in the Fedora Project for translating, for example the Fedora documentation, can be found in Documentation Translation Workflow.

Projects considering the use of our translation platform for their translations might find relevant information in Translation Projects in Weblate.