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LLVM 11.0.0

Fedora 33 comes with LLVM 11.

All llvm sub-projects in Fedora will be updated to version 11. However, the packages that currently depend on clang and llvm version 10 libraries will continue to work.

Compatibility packages clang10 and llvm10 was added to this release.

If the maintainers want to rebuild packages that depend on clang-libs or llvm-libs, but do not work with LLVM 11 yet, they have to change their spec files to depend on the clang10 and llvm10 compatibility packages.

Compatibility package naming change. The .0 was dropped from the package name and now the compatibility packages are called llvm10 and clang10 instead of llvm10.0 and clang10.0.

Clang 11.0.0 supports the -fstack-clash-protection flag for the x86_64 and s390x architectures. As part of this update, the rpmrc file in redhat-rpm-config was modified, so -fstack-clash-protection is added to optflags when the %toolchain macro is set to clang.


The full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes that comes with LLVM 11 can be found in the upstream release notes.

All LLVM sub-projects in Fedora 33 was also updated to version 11

As well as

  • compiler-rt

  • lldb

  • libomp

  • llvm-test-suite

  • libcxxabi (libc++abi)

  • python-lit