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libffi 3.4

libffi is upgraded to version 3.4 in Fedora Linux 36. libffi 3.4 adds additional hardware support, including RISC-V, CSKY, and KVX. It also fixes issues like a 32-bit PPC regression and MIPS soft-float.

MinGW debug location

From Fedora Linux 36 onwards, debug symbols for mingw binaries will be stored below /usr/lib/debug.

glibc 2.35

The GNU C Library (glibc) in Fedora has been updated to version 2.35.

Major new improvements improve Unicode 14.0.0 support, C.UTF-8 locale support, support for automatic registering of threads with the rseq system call, new tunables, changes to printf, security and bug fixes, and much more.

For full information about this release, see the upstream NEWS.