Election setup SOP

This document outlines the procedures for setting up the elections.


This process occurs the day before voting starts.


In the nomination pages on the wiki, strike through any candidates that did not submit an interview question. If the number of candidates is less than the number of open seats, extend the deadline for just that election by one week. Repeat until the number of candidates is at least equal to the number of open seats.

Voting setup

The elections app runs on elections.fedoraproject.org.

  • maximum range: # of candidates

  • URL: link to wiki page with nominations

  • Admin groups: automatically includes the elections group

  • When adding users, add link to the interview on Community Blog

  • Edit the election banner template in the wiki to update the dates and current status

Community Blog post

  • Create a Community Blog post that includes

    • A link to the Elections app

    • Links to all candidate interviews

  • Set it to be sticky

  • Schedule it to publish at the beginning of the voting period.

Additional announcements

After the Community Blog post publishes, send announcements to:

  • announce list (all elections)

  • devel-announce list (FESCo election)

  • #council tag on Discussion (Council election)

  • #mindshare tag on Discussion (Mindshare election)

Halfway through the voting period, nudge the emails (only devel) and Discussion threads to remind people of the voting deadline.