Fedora Linux 37 Spins

This page lists Spins (and Labs) that will be produced for Fedora Linux 37.

If the maximum size for a spin needs to be updated, file an issue against relval.
Tablo 1. F37 Spins and Labs
Name Description Maximum size

Astronomy Spin

The Astronomy Spin is a powerful completely open-source and free tool for astronomy amateurs and professionals.

4 GB

Cinnamon Spin

The Fedora Cinnamon spin provides advanced innovative features and a traditional user experience.

2 GB

Comp Neuro Lab

Fedora Lab image for users working in Computational Neuroscience.


Design Suite

The Fedora Design Suite includes well-selected applications, fitting a variety of use cases. Whether you decide to work on publishing documents, creating images and pictures or even 3D content, the Design Suite has a fitting tool.

4 GB

Fedora Jam

Fedora Jam is a full-featured audio creation spin. It includes all the tools needed to help create the music you want, anything from classical to jazz to Heavy metal. Included in Fedora jam is full support for JACK and JACK to PulseAudio bridging.

4 GiB

Games Spin

The Fedora Games spin offers a perfect show-case of the best games available in Fedora. The included games span several genres, from first person shooters to real-time and turn based strategy games to puzzle games. Not all the games available in Fedora are included on this spin, but trying out this spin will give you a fair impression of Fedora’s abilities to run great games.

16 GiB

i3 Spin

An Fedora Spin shipping the popular i3 window manager. This Spin is the first Fedora Spin to feature a tiling/window manager instead of a traditional desktop environment.


KDE Plasma desktop

(see Blocking)


An rpm-ostree-based KDE Plasma desktop


The Fedora LXDE spin is meant to be a lightweight, but yet complete desktop based on LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment.

2 GB

MATE-Compiz Spin

The Fedora MATE spin is meant to provide users with a classic, lightweight and traditional looking desktop.

2 GB

Python Classroom Lab

The Fedora Python Classroom Lab makes it even easier for teachers and instructors to use Fedora in their classrooms or workshops. Ready to use operating system with important stuff pre-installed - either with GNOME or as a headless environment for Docker or Vagrant.

2 GiB

QA Test Day Spin

The purpose of this spin is to provide a model kickstart file to people organizing Test Days that can easily be tweaked for specific Test Days.

Robotics Spin

Create a spin that provides as many robotics related packages to the spin to maximize out-of-the-box usable hardware and software. Eventually provide out-of-the-box simulation environment for one or more scenarios.

4 GiB

Fedora Scientific

Fedora Scientific spin aims to create a Fedora desktop based spin which will have a generic toolset for Linux users whose profession/studies involve scientific research. To learn more, see the documentation.

5 GiB

Security Spin

The Fedora Security Spin provides a safe test environment to work on security auditing, forensics, system rescue and teaching security testing methodologies in universities and other organizations. The spin is maintained by a community of security testers and developers. It comes with the clean and fast LXDE Desktop Environment and a customized menu that provides all the instruments needed to follow a proper test path for security testing or to rescue a broken system. The Live image has been crafted to make it possible to install software while running, and if you are running it from a USB stick created with the Live Media Writer’s overlay feature, you can install and update software and save your test results permanently. Additional information is available at the Security Spin home page and its wiki page.

2 GB

Sugar on a Stick Spin

Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) enables children to reclaim computers. SoaS aims to make it easy for children, parents, or local deployers to provide each student with a small device (USB stick or thumbdrive) that can start any computer with the student’s personalized Sugar environment. We would like to see Sugar’s presence, journal, and clarity principles usable on any machine — at school, at home, and anywhere there is a suitable computing device.

2 GB

Xfce Spin

The Fedora Xfce spin showcases the Xfce desktop, which aims to be fast and lightweight, while still being visually appealing and user friendly. Xfce is a full fledged desktop using the freedesktop.org standard.

2 GB

LXQt Spin

The Fedora LXQt spin is meant to be a lightweight, but yet complete desktop based on LXQt. LXQt is a fast and stable desktop environment already usable on production desktops. It will not get in the user’s way. It is focused on being a Classic Desktop with a modern Look & Feel.

2 GiB