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Development Tools

pkgconf as System pkg-config Implementation

In Fedora 26, the pkg-config implementation has been switched to pkgconf. This is a newer, actively-maintained implementation of pkg-config that offers more advanced support for .pc files and provides a library interface for developers to integrate pkg-config processing into their applications.

More information about pkgconf can be found at

Enable systemd-coredump by Default

By default, core dumps from crashing programs are now stored by systemd-coredump, rather than created in the crashing process’s current working directory by ABRT. They may be extracted using the coredumpctl tool. For example, simply run coredumpctl gdb to view a backtrace for the most recent crash in gdb. For more information on this change, refer to the manpages coredumpctl(1), systemd-coredump(8), and coredump.conf(5).