bugzilla2fedmsg SOP

Receive events from bugzilla over the RH "unified messagebus" and rebroadcast them over our own fedmsg bus.

Contact Information


Messaging SIG, Fedora Infrastructure Team


#fedora-apps, #fedora-fedmsg, #fedora-admin, #fedora-noc




Rebroadcast bugzilla events on our bus.


bugzilla2fedmsg is a small service running as the 'moksha-hub' process which receives events from bugzilla via the RH "unified messagebus" and rebroadcasts them to our fedmsg bus.

Unlike all of our other fedmsg services, this one runs as the 'moksha-hub' process and not as the 'fedmsg-hub'.

The bugzilla2fedmsg package provides a plugin to the moksha-hub that connects out over the STOMP protocol to a 'fabric' of JBOSS activemq FUSE brokers living in the Red Hat DMZ. We authenticate with a cert/key pair that is kept in /etc/pki/fedmsg/. Those brokers should push bugzilla events over STOMP to our moksha-hub daemon. When a message arrives, we query bugzilla about the change to get some 'more interesting' data to stuff in our payload, then we sign the message using a fedmsg cert and fire it off to the rest of our bus.

This service has no database, no memcached usage. It depends on those STOMP brokers and being able to query bugzilla.rh.com.

Relevant Files

All managed by ansible, of course:

STOMP config: /etc/moksha/production.ini
fedmsg config: /etc/fedmsg.d/
certs: /etc/pki/fedmsg
code: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/bugzilla2fedmsg.py

Useful Commands

To look at logs, run:

$ journalctl -u moksha-hub -f

To restart the service, run:

$ systemctl restart moksha-hub

Internal Contacts

If we need to contact someone from the RH internal "unified messagebus" team, search for "unified messagebus" in source.