Contribute to Quick Docs

This repository represents asciidoc documents roughly (semi-automatically) converted from the top 50 document-like pages in the Fedora Wiki. We want to move away from exposing users to the wild territory of workspace wikis and to a nice, topic-oriented format with a PR-based workflow.

So, this is kind of a seed project. Your help wanted!

Other Source Material

There is a How To category on the wiki. Many of those documents are ripe for conversion. Popular questions on Ask Fedora are also likely to be useful starting points — or, also, frequent Fedora questions on Stack Exchange.

Or, of course, if there’s something you care about which you can help explain, you can create a new document from scratch.


  1. Pick a document to update. You can find documents needing updates in the modules/ROOT/nav.adoc file. They are on the commented-out lines (those that start with a //FIXME).

  2. Fork the repo.

  3. Make your changes to the .adoc file you want to improve.

  4. Uncomment the file in nav.adoc remove the FIXME from the xref..

  5. Build a local preview to ensure your changes look the way you intended: Make sure you either have Podman or Docker installed, and run ./ && ./ Follow instructions printed on the command line.

  6. When you are satisfied with your updates, submit a pull request with your improvements.

  7. If migrating a wiki page, create a redirect on the old page — see below.

Wiki Redirects

Usually, wikis do not allow redirects to external sites, because the potential for abuse is very high. We’ve developed a plugin for the Fedora Wiki which allows redirects to only pages on this site, To create such a link, use the #fedoradocs macro by putting something like this at the top of the wiki page you are obsoleting:


Of course, you will want to replace that specific URL with the one for your new target page. The URL can’t be something arbitrary — it must begin with

Once the redirect is in place, visitors to that wiki page will be instantly whisked (well, redirected, with the code 301 Moved Permanently) to the docs site. If you need to edit such a page to correct the URL, or to remove the redirect completely, use a form like:

Note that there is no validation that the target exists or is correct — please double-check that any redirects you create work properly before moving on.