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Bridge github events onto our fedmsg bus.


github2fedmsg is a small Python Pyramid app that bridges github events onto our fedmsg bus by way of github’s "webhooks" feature. It is what allows us to have notifications of github activity via fedmsg. It has two phases of operation:

  • Infrequently, a user will log in to github2fedmsg via Fedora OpenID. They then push a button to also log in to They are then logged in to github2fedmsg with both their FAS account and their github account.

    They are then presented with a list of their github repositories. They can toggle each one: "on" or "off". When they turn a repo on, our webapp makes a request to to install a "webhook" for that repo with a callback URL to our app.

  • When events happen to that repo on, github looks up our callback URL and makes an http POST request to us, informing us of the event. Our github2fedmsg app receives that, validates it, and then republishes the content to our fedmsg bus.

What could go wrong?

  • Restarting the app or rebooting the host shouldn’t cause a problem. It should come right back up.

  • Our database could die. We have a db with a list of all the repos we have turned on and off. We would want to restore that from backup.

  • If github gets compromised, they might have to revoke all of their application credentials. In that case, our app would fail to work. There are lots of private secrets set in our private repo that allow our app to talk to There are inline comments there with instructions about how to generate new keys and secrets.