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Distribution-wide Changes

lazarus repackaging

Lazarus is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing software in the Pascal programming language.

The lazarus package, which provides this IDE, is now being split into several sub-packages as follows:

  • lazarus-doc - documentation

  • lazarus-ide - IDE itself

  • lazarus-lcl - base package for the LCL (Lazarus Component Library), containing common LCL parts

  • lazarus-lcl-nogui - components for building non-graphical applications

  • lazarus-lcl-gtk2 - components for building programs using the GIMP Toolkit 2 (GTK2) widget library

  • lazarus-lcl-gtk3 - support for building programs using the GTK3 widget library

  • lazarus-lcl-qt - support for building programs using the Qt4 widget library

  • lazarus-lcl-qt5 - support for building programs using the Qt5 widget library

  • lazarus-tools - command-line utilities provided with Lazarus, for example lazbuild

The original lazarus package will become a meta-package and will not contain any files. Instead, it will pull in all the following packages:

  • lazarus-ide

  • lazarus-lcl

  • lazarus-lcl-nogui

  • lazarus-lcl-gtk2

  • lazarus-tools

As a result, this change allows for building the Lazarus Component Library for multiple widget sets, instead of just the default GTK2.

SPDX Migration

RPM packages use SPDX identifiers for licenses as a standard. About half of the packages have been migrated to SPDX identifiers. The remaining packages are estimated to be migrated to SPDX in Fedora 40 and 41.

Colored prompt for Bash shell

Previously, the default prompt was monochrome, which made it difficult to distinguish individual prompts from commands in the long output. To address this problem, this update introduces a simple colored shell prompt that users can further visually customize.