Spins [1] must obey the Fedora Legal guidelines and Code of Conduct.

Adding new Spins

Addition of new Spins follows the standard Change process.

A new variant must be proposed as a System-wide Change, subject to discussion with the community and various stakeholders and approval by FESCo. The change page must describe the motivation for the new Spin, governance and ownership, and the differences in design from other Spins and Editions (FESCo #2418).

Bold and novel designs are encouraged, even if it is not possible to say with certainty at the time of the approval whether they can be delivered successfully or if users will find them useful.

Keepalive check

In each release cycle, the Fedora Program Manager will send a request to the owners of all Spins to confirm that they should be built for the next release (FESCo #1972).

If there is no response from Spin owners, Program Manager will announce the intent to drop the Spin. If nobody takes it over, that Spin will be dropped for that release.

Responses to the keepalive check must be made sufficiently in advance of branching to allow Release Engineering to react to the results. See the schedules for individual releases for details.

1. In this policy "Spins" should be understood to include "Labs" too.