Extra software: COPR

Free/Open source software that is harder to include in Fedora (usually because it is developed in a way that makes it difficult to package while implementing the Fedora packaging guidelines) is temporarily provided in an extra COPR repository. The NeuroFedora team will continue to work with upstreams to move this software to official Fedora repositories. In the meantime, users can enable this COPR repository by running the following command in a terminal:

sudo dnf copr enable @neurofedora/neurofedora-extra

Once the COPR repository has been enabled, it acts like another Fedora repository. Users can then continue to install software using DNF.

Software in COPR does not go through the usual Fedora QA channels. However, the NeuroFedora team will thoroughly test this software before making it available.

Software list

Software that is is currently provided in the COPR is listed below:

Software Description Why in COPR

Brian (version 1)

A clock-driven simulator for spiking neural networks.

Python 2 only. Maintenance release only. PyNN currently only supports this version.