Neuroscience resources

This is an unordered list of various neuroscience resources. Please get in touch to add more entries to the list.

RSS Feeds

Planet neuroscience

An aggregation of RSS feeds from various neuroscience journals.

Planet neuroscientists

An aggregation of RSS feeds from various neuroscience blogs.



A discourse instance for neuroscience discussion.

Computing resources

The Neuroscience gateway provides supercomputing resources with a large collection of computational neuroscience software.

The Human Brain Project provides access to various computing platforms to members of the Human Brain Project community.

Mailing lists:

Comp-neuro mailing list.

Connectionists mailing list.

Neuro-info mailing list.

NeuralEnsemble mailing list.

Systems neuroscience mailing list.


Human Brain Project.

Organisation for Computational Neuroscience.


Society for Neuroscience.

The British Neuroscience Association.

Federation of European Neuroscience Societies.

Other resources

Computational neuroscience on the web

A large collection of links to labs, researchers, conferences, software, education and funding related to computational neuroscience.

Github: Open computational neuroscience resources

A list of open computational neuroscience resources.