Fedora/CentOS bootc relationship with Fedora CoreOS

By far the biggest difference between the two is that Fedora/CentOS bootc emphasizes users deriving from our container base image, making arbitrary, potentially large changes. Up to and including custom images.

Fedora CoreOS (much like Fedora Atomic Desktops) generally emphasizes users configuring an image pre-built by Fedora, running workloads as containers in general, but also supporting changing config files and kernel arguments.

A good example of the division line is Fedora CoreOS system extensions aka "package layering".

If you find the need to make such changes to the host, then you may find Fedora/CentOS bootc a better target.

Common components

  • Fedora derivatives

  • systemd, containers, ostree


Fedora/CentOS bootc

Fedora CoreOS

Datacenter/server/edge (but can be extended)



ignition, rpm-ostree

Includes python

No python

No cloud agents


Anaconda, bootc-image-builder, bootc install

Pre-built disk images, coreos-installer


podman, docker

user: root

user: core


legacy ostree

Versioned with Fedora base

Custom streams

Automatic updates, but for your image

Automatic updates from Fedora

Targets Fedora and CentOS

Targets Fedora only