Linux desktops and Fedora/CentOS bootc

This project is generally datacenter/server/edge focused. However, there exist other projects which are using similar technologies and are focused on Linux desktops.

In the future, it is likely that some of these projects will "rebase" on Fedora/CentOS bootc as a common basis technology.

Fedora Atomic Desktops

Notable differences/overlaps:

  • Fedora/CentOS bootc and Fedora Atomic Desktops both use Anaconda.

  • Fedora Atomic Desktops do not currently default to using containers for updates, but the legacy OSTree model

  • Fedora Atomic Desktops do not use composefs, and do not use bootupd, and have a slightly different filesystem layout

Universal Blue

The Universal Blue project is heavily focused on container-native Linux desktops.

There is a lot of similarity to the Atomic Desktops, except that the default update mechanism is containers, not OSTree.