Fedora Council ticket queue

The Fedora Council uses a ticket queue to track decisions and other work. When opening a ticket to request a decision from the Fedora Council, please describe the issue in detail but have an explicit question (or better, a proposal) to decide on. If you are looking to start a discussion, consider posting to the #council tag on Fedora Discussion first.

Do not file Code of Conduct reports in the Fedora Council issue tracker. Those should be filed against the Code of Conduct issue tracker.

Issue priorities

Currently, the Fedora Council uses the following priorities for tickets:

  • OMG Urgent!!!1: The ticket should be acted on asynchronously as soon as possible.

  • Needs Review (default): The ticket needs to be triaged.

  • Next Meeting: The ticket should be addressed in the next meeting.

  • Coming up: The ticket is lower priority.

  • Waiting on {Assignee, Reporter, External}: The ticket is blocked on action or input from someone.

Issue tags

The Fedora Council uses tags to indicate the topic of issues. Multiple tags should be applied when appropriate.

  • budget: Big-picture budget issues.

  • code-of-conduct:

  • documentation

  • elections

  • events

  • hackfests

  • mindshare: Related to the Fedora Mindshare Committee.

  • objectives

  • policies

  • spending-request: For as-we-go allocations

  • ticket-vote: Indicates an issue that should be voted on by Fedora Council members.

  • trademarks:


When a vote is called for, the ticket-vote tag should be applied. Fedora Council members should vote by leaving a comment of +1 (in favor), 0 (abstain/no opinion/weakly opposed), or -1 (opposed). If multiple proposals or multiple versions of a proposal have been made, please indicate which the vote applies to. Fedora Council members can provide additional context explaining their vote, but should still indicate explicitly which of +1, 0, or -1 applies.

Policies for voting and approval are covered elsewhere.