Configure the Openshift Container Storage Operator



Important: before following this SOP, please ensure that you have already followed the SOP to install the Local Storage Operator first, as this is a requirement for the OCS operator.

For full detailed instructions please refer to the official docs at: [1]. For general instructions see below:

  • In the webconsole, click the Operators menu

  • Click the OperatorHub menu

  • Search for OpenShift Container Storage

  • Click install

  • Choose the update channel to match the major.minor version of the cluster itself.

  • Installation mode, A specified namespace on the cluster

  • Installed namespace, Operator Recommended

  • Update approval, automatic

  • Click install


When the operator is finished installing, we can continue, please ensure that a minimum of 3 nodes are available.

  • A StorageCluster is required to complete this installation, click the Create StorageCluster.

  • At the top, choose the internal - attached devices mode.

  • In the storageclass choose the local-block from the list.

  • The compute/worker nodes with available storage appear in the list

  • It automatically calculates the possible storage amount

  • Click next

  • On the Security and Network section just click next.

  • Click create.