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Stratis 3.5

This upgrade includes new releases of stratisd 3.5.9 and stratis-cli 3.5.3.

These releases include a number of improvements, bug fixes, and housekeeping changes. The following is a brief summary of the changes.

stratisd 3.5.9 was released simply in order to avoid an FTBFS due to a bug fix in its nix dependency which turned out to be API breaking but had been released with only a patch version bump.

stratisd 3.5.8 contains principally fixes for managing its D-Bus layer in unusual circumstances, as when a command is issued to stop a pool, and the pool is not fully torn down.

stratisd 3.5.7 increases the libc dependency lower bound.

stratisd 3.5.6 increases the libcryptsetup-rs dependency lower bound to 0.8.0 to incorporate a bug fix in libcryptsetup-rs.

stratisd 3.5.5 adds SPDX format license information.

stratisd 3.5.4 takes advantage of new releases of Clevis and cryptsetup to simplify some uses of Clevis commands.

stratisd 3.5.3 contains a variety of stability improvements and fixes.

stratis-cli uses a SPDX license format string and fixes a stack trace due to a ValueError.

Please see the stratisd changelog and the stratis-cli changelog for further details.