Using software included in NeuroFedora

NeuroFedora is a set of packages that can be installed on a Fedora system. So, for most users, installing a Fedora system is the simplest way to use NeuroFedora. Fedora provides a variety of installation media:

Detailed information on installing Fedora can be found in the Fedora installation guide.

We intend to provide Fedora based Docker images for commonly used software. This is a work-in-progress.

Software provided by NeuroFedora

More software is regularly being added to NeuroFedora. Please get in touch with us for specific requests.

NeuroFedora focusses on providing software for:

Please use the individual pages to learn more.

Docker images

Use of Docker images is discussed on a separate page.

Extra software (COPR)

Free/Open source software that is harder to include in Fedora (usually because it is developed in a way that makes it difficult to package while implementing the Fedora packaging guidelines) is temporarily provided in an extra COPR repository. The NeuroFedora team will continue to work with upstreams to move it to official Fedora repositories.