Current Members of the Fedora Council

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  • Elected Representative: Akashdeep Dhar (f40-f41)

    Akashdeep has been a GNU/Linux enthusiast since his early college days with keen interests in networking, cloud computing, self-hosting and operating systems. He works full-time on free and open-source software as a member of Red Hat’s Community Platform Engineering team since 2021. Since then, he helps with developing/maintaining projects and monitoring/administrating services on Fedora Infrastructure and CentOS Infrastructure.

  • Elected Representative: Aleksandra Fedorova (f40-f42)

    Aleksandra has started contributing to Fedora as a Russian Fedora Ambassador and a member of the Russian Fedora Remix project. She worked as a Build, Devops, CI and Release Engineer in several projects including Openstack. She currently works in Red Hat on CentOS and RHEL development infrastructure, and runs CentOS Integration SIG.

  • Elected Representative: Adam Samalik (f40-f42)

    Adam Samalik has been a long time Fedora community member and contributor. He is a computer and automation enthusiast, who enjoys cooking, baking, and biking. Appreciates good coffee, clever design, and walkable cities. Tinkers with Linux for a living at Red Hat.

  • Engineering Representative: David Cantrell

    David has been involved in the Linux community since 1997. He first worked on Fedora Core starting with Fedora Core 4 in 2005. He worked on the installation software (anaconda) and related projects for more than 10 years. His current projects focus on developer workflow tools. He is a Fedora Ambassador and a member of the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee.

  • Mindshare Representative: Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez

    Alberto 'bt0dotninja' Rodríguez S. describes himself as "a Happy Fedora Contributor". As part of the Ambassadors, CommOps, and Fedora-Join and member Mindshare committee, he is very interested in finding new ways to grow the contributor base and retain our long-term contributors. He loves getting involved in the local communities, make docs and translations, tacos, and cats.

  • DEI Advisor: Jona Azizaj

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  • Fedora Project Leader: Matthew Miller

    Read more about the Fedora Project Leader’s role and the current FPL’s biography on the page about this position.

  • Fedora Operations Architect: Aoife Moloney

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  • Fedora Community Architect: Justin W. Flory

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  • Initiative Leads: Fernando F. Mancera, Smera Goel and Robert Wright