Current Members of the Fedora Council

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  • Elected Representative: Dennis Gilmore (f32-f33)

    Dennis has been involved in Fedora since the begining. Holding various roles. From leading up Alternative Architectures, to leading Release Engineering, contributing to Infrastructure, helping found EPEL, Serving on the Board and Fedora Engineering Steering Committee. He works at Red Hat in the Platform Enablement organisation working on multi-arch.

  • Elected Representative: Till Maas (f31-f32)

    Till Maas started his Fedora journey back in 2005 with Fedora Core 4. Quickly he became a packager and later a sponsor and proven packager. Following Fedora’s FLOSS spirit he submitted patches to various Infrastructure projects. In 2009 he planned, implemented and started to operate the upstream release monitoring service until it was replaced by Anitya in 2015. In 2010 he streamlined the Fedora update feedback process with Fedora Easy Karma and started to help with Release Engineering tasks. There, he automated tasks around package lifetime management and package signing. As an Ambassador, he represented Fedora in various Events such as the Chaos Communication Congress, FOSDEM, FrOSCon and OpenRheinRuhr. He started to serve on FESCo in 2017 and the following year on the Fedora Council.

    In the past he helped to establish the penetration testing company RedTeam Pentesting. Nowadays he maintains the network Linux System Role and NMState on Red Hat’s network services team.

  • Engineering Representative: Petr Šabata

    Petr has been an occasional Fedora user since the very beginning and fully involved as a full-time packager since 2010. Over time he has contributed to a number of SIGs and has worked on various parts of the distribution.

    He is a Red Hatter and, in addition to his Council role, is currently also on the Fedora Engineering Steering Comittee.

    You can find him on Freenode IRC as contyk.

  • Mindshare Representative: Sumantro Mukherjee

  • Diversity Team Representative: Jona Azizaj

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  • Fedora Project Leader: Matthew Miller

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  • Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator: Marie Nordin

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  • Fedora Program Manager: Ben Cotton

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  • Objective Leads:

    • Peter Robinson (Internet of Things)

      Peter is the lead architect for Linux IoT platforms at Red Hat. He’s be at Red Hat over five years and done a number of roles, he’s been an Open Source user and contributor since the mid 1990s, and has wide experience in IT from SME, large Telco/hosting providers and quite a bit in between. He’s been working on IoT for a number of years, with specific interest in agriculture due to growing up on a farm in country Australia.

    • Adam Šamalík (Minimization)

      Open source enthusiast. Senior software engineer with Red Hat working on Fedora. Linux user since 2007, Fedora community member since 2014.

      In Fedora, Adam lead the development of the Fedora Docs site, contributed software architecture design and documentation to the Modularity objective, and represented Fedora community at many events around the world. Minimisation objective lead at present.

      Adam also enjoys automating things with horrible shell scripts, making graphical design, editing videos, and constantly tweaking his personal productivity system.