Fedora CoreOS Documentation

Welcome to the Fedora CoreOS documentation!

This site and project are currently very dynamic and will change a lot within the next weeks and months. Please refer to the FAQ for more information for the time being. If you want to help or ask any questions, join the IRC channel, or join our new discussion board.


Fedora CoreOS is an automatically updating, minimal, monolithic, container-focused operating system, designed for clusters but also operable standalone, optimized for Kubernetes but also great without it. It aims to combine the best of both CoreOS Container Linux and Fedora Atomic Host, integrating technology like Ignition from Container Linux with rpm-ostree and SELinux hardening from Project Atomic. Its goal is to provide the best container host to run containerized workloads securely and at scale.

Fedora CoreOS is an open source project associated with the Fedora Project. We are aiming for high compatibility with existing Container Linux configuration and user experience, and we expect to provide documentation and tooling to help migrate from Container Linux to Fedora CoreOS.